Martin Braun is part of an inherited watchmaking dynasty and has been in the business for three generations. Martin's passion for timekeeping dates back to his youth. During his apprenticeship, he became so involved with the complex mechanics of watchmaking that he decided to get serious about creating unique models. First, he assembled a unique ammonite table clock equipped, among other things, with the legendary movement regulator invented by the famous English watchmaker Graham. Together with his father, Martin Brown restored old rarities and unusual movements, for which he made cases. These included mechanisms for samples and perpetual calendars. "During this time," Martin recalls, "I gained invaluable experience that enabled me to make cases for movements and spare parts for calibers built over 100 years ago.

In 1998, Martin organized a series of seminars on movement complications and invited anyone interested to attend. People from all over the world attended the seminars,(which are now run by Schaumburg Watch) to broaden their knowledge of watch mechanics. And meanwhile I continued the work on the EOS, which I had started in 1995. Of all the watches I assembled, this one deserves special attention. I spent a whole year calculating the sunrise and sunset times and creating a corresponding computer program. In the fall of 2000, the legendary EOS was unveiled and quickly became a calling card for watchmaking, winning quite a few prestigious professional awards.

"In April 2001, Martin Braun attended the Basel Fair for the first time, where he presented the EOS to a large audience. At that time, he already had his first employee - he was no longer able to handle the volume of work required of him alone. His manufactory employed only highly qualified watchmakers and experienced quality controllers to ensure the quality of his movements and timepieces. In 2002, Martin Braun introduced a new product to the watch world - Boreas - the EOS equivalent, to which another astronomical function was added - the equation of time. And again a great success and a new victory - this time in the United States, in a competition for innovative discoveries. Later, at the Basel Fair, Martin Braun presented the revolutionary Heliocentric model with a dial that reflects the position of the Earth on the solar orbit and shows the current sign of the zodiac.

Arguably Martin Braun's most sophisticated model is the Astraios, which combines the features of the Heliocentric and the legendary EOS. All these ingenious additions are unique in the watch world and protected by a variety of patents. The following was the year of the Notos, which is more like a timepiece than a wristwatch. The Notos displays truly unique indications, such as the angle of the sun in relation to the equator or the month indicator, which marks the minimum and maximum difference between solar time and Earth time. Besides these complications, the traditionally complex function of the equation of time is considered trivial.

In the meantime, Martin Braun belonged to the Frank Muller Group and later was the creator of the Antonie Martin brand. Braun now lives and designs his outstanding watches in Sarnen, Switzerland, and his masterpieces are appreciated by luxury watch lovers worldwide. Since 2022, the Schaumburg Watch brand has been producing models such as the EOS in close collaboration with Martin Braun.